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Kim Whelan
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I am a Military Wife with 3 great kids and my husband was deployed with OIF. I spend my spare time creating new and interesting designs that help promote awareness of our military troops. With 19 years of military lifestyle behind my back I can honestly say that the troops need our support now more than ever before. I dedicate a portion of the money I get from this shop to purchase various items for deployed troops. Enjoy your time in my shop and thanks for visiting!

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Five Steps to Meeting New People

Whether you?e moving to a new city, a new job, or just want to expand your social circle, these five tips can help you meet new people wherever you go.

1. Talk to Everyone after years of watching a friend meet people easily everywhere he went, I realized his secret: he talks to everyone. I don? mean just the cute mail guy, or the girl walking her dog. I mean everyone. Whether it? the older lady crossing the street, your new apartment manager, or the drug store clerk, make it a point to say something to everyone you pass. You never know when you might have something great in common.

2. Smile A smile is the best way to let people know that you?e open to talking to them. Particularly if you find it hard to start a conversation, a smile can help you get the other person to start the conversation.

3. Have something to say Okay, I know it? corny, but you CAN talk about the weather. No matter who you are or where you are, there? something to say about the weather. Living in sunny San Diego, I usually say ?t? gorgeous outside today wish I were out there! or something along those lines. This lets people know that you like the outdoors, and that you?e got a positive attitude. This works whether it? raining (gee, we really needed this rain), snowing (wow, the skiing will be great this year), or cloudy (it? nice a cool out today!). Don? want to discuss the weather? Discuss a current event. Read up on the latest celebrity trial, natural disaster, or scientific breakthroughs, and you?l always have something to say. In line at the grocery store, you can always comment on the magazine cover stories.

4. Ask Questions You?e new in town, take advantage of it! Ask people where the best sports bar is, which museum to visit first, or where to find the perfect margarita, and you?l get the ball rolling to meeting a new friend.

5. Compliment, compliment, compliment You should never do this if it? not sincere, but a compliment is always a great conversation starter. And, it starts the conversation on a positive note, so people are already responding favorably to you. Tell the waitress her shoes are great, compliment your neighbor? car, let a clerk know she? doing a great job.


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    Members of America's armed forces are serving around the world in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Korea. Far from family and friends, these dedicated men and women have limited access to the everyday comforts of being back home. Here? your chance to show your support and make a difference! If you are a military mom or dad, wife, grandparent or other family member you can show America? Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines how much you personally appreciate their service. I have always and will continue to donate a portion of the money earned in my shop to purchase requested items and gifts for the deployed troops and other military members serving our great country. HOOAH!

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