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Kim Whelan
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I am a Military Wife with 3 great kids and my husband was deployed with OIF. I spend my spare time creating new and interesting designs that help promote awareness of our military troops. With 19 years of military lifestyle behind my back I can honestly say that the troops need our support now more than ever before. I dedicate a portion of the money I get from this shop to purchase various items for deployed troops. Enjoy your time in my shop and thanks for visiting!

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Deployment Prayer
Dear Lord:
Give me the strength to say goodbye. Hold back the tear in my eye.
Cure my insomnia so that I may sleep alone. Give me a reason to awake when I've none.
Dear Lord:
Please help me pace myself. Allow me to turn to you for help,
And please let me be strong for him, Even if I've reached the brim.
Dear Lord:
Please make time go fast. I don't know how long I can last.
This is the hardest time of my life, But this is my job: the soldier's wife.
Dear Lord:
Let them all stay strong. Give them the will to go on,
And Lord, Please bring back all our men. In the name of our country. Amen.

~By Leanne Thomas~

The Soldier's Spouse Creed
I am in love with a United States Soldier. I will support him in his defense of the Constitution of the United States of America. And I will understand that he must obey the orders of those appointed over him. I represent the true backbone and fighting spirit of the Army. And for those who have served before me I salute you with all the strength and loyalty my heart can muster. I proudly stand by the one I love with Honor, Courage and Commitment. I am committed to support my soldier and the United States Army.

Recipe for a Military Spouse
1 1/2 cups Patience
1 cup Courage
3/4 cup Tolerance
dash of Adventure
1 pound of Ability
To the above ingredients: Add 2 tablespoons elbow grease and let stand alone for one year. Marinate frequently with salty tears. Pour off excess fat and sprinkle ever so lightly with money then Knead dough until payday. Season with international spices. Bake 20 years or until done. Makes unlimited servings

The Silent Ranks
I wear no uniforms, no blues or greens.
But, I am in the military, in the ranks rarely seen.
I have no rank upon my shoulders. Salutes I do not give.
But in the military world is where I live and am rarely seen.
I am not in the chain of command, orders I do not give or get.
But my husband is the one who does, this I can not forget.
I am not the one who fires a weapon, Who puts his life on the line.
But my job is just as tough, I'm the one who is always left behind.
My husband is a patriot, a brave and pride filled man.
And the call to serve his country not all can understand.
Behind the lines, I see things needed to keep this country free.
My husband makes the sacrifice, but so do my kids and me.
I love the man I married. The military is his life.
So I pledge to support my hero and stand among the silent ranks known as

Heroism and Bravery
"Why is it so cold?"
An innocent girl asks
She wouldn't understand
It's what the world masks.

She doesn't know why
Why everyone seems to cry
It's something few understand
Why men must be sent to die.

In a desert far away
Heroes stand strong and tall
Though dirtied with life
The men are brave through it all.

Perhaps this is what is needed
A little discipline and war
To make some people realize
Life won't be like before.

Brave men die far away
Protecting us from harm
A young man looks down
He forgot his good luck charm.

In an instant his life is gone
Torn away from the ground
In the distance a man lies fallen
With his hands and feet bound.

In a world far from war
People cannot see
What these men do
Their heroism and bravery.

So when the girl asks
"Why is it so cold?"
It's because of the men
That we can no longer hold.

~By Heidi Hinkle~

A Military Wife in the Army of One
You aren't issued with the uniform, boots and weapon,
But you are one lady no one should step on.
It usually goes with this ring, I thee wed,
But add in even if it means me in an empty bed.
And the weeks in the field with many late nights,
Which will at some point lead to fights.
Yes, a military wife is courageous and strong,
Even when the days seem so long.
When you feel like you are at your wits end,
You suck it up and start to mend.
You learn the Army language,
All those acronyms, how can I manage.
PX, AAFES, LES, MOS - the list goes on and on,
All those letters would make an ordinary woman yawn.
But those letters are part of your life,
The life of a proud military wife.
You move too much and decorate too little,
Because you always seem to leave in the middle.
Do not get too settled and make lots of friends
Because home is wherever the Army sends.
And then one day the orders come down,
Your husband soon will be leaving town.
Up to 365 days or until mission complete
You know your heart just skipped a beat.
You stare at the orders in front of you,
This was a possibility you always knew.
Now life takes on new meaning
And the tears start streaming.
You hug each other tight and kiss farewell,
How you feel, words could never tell.
You go back to an empty home,
And try not to sit by the phone.
You wait, wonder and worry,
And hope this year goes by in a hurry.
Things are different now.
You will do things you once did not know how.
Yellow ribbons are a new accessory,
You make your outfit match- it is a necessity
You cry when the National Anthem is played,
And you get your child that much needed band-aid.
You have your daily chores, as always,
Except now you are the only one to sweep the hallways.
You are the only one
But you do it and try to have fun.
You say your prayers and wish on a star in the sky,
When he is back in your arms, you will forget the year that went by.
And you will think how strong you had become,
When you were truly the army of one.

~Letisha E Wheeler October 16, 2005~

For the Marine Reservist
One ordinary man, with a heart made of gold
Training one weekend a month, until he was told
To bring all his strength, and control all his fear
Kiss his loved one's goodbye, but don't shed a tear
Now is the time to put your training to the test
Fighting a war with America's best
Seven months you will be gone, in a land far from here
Fighting a cowardly enemy, the dangers will grow near
Don't give in , don't give up, stand tall and be true
For you are a hero fighting for the red, white, and blue
The country will thank you, and proud should you be
Because the world will be safer for both you and me

-Dawn Cook-

My Son, My Hero
Words of wisdom, what can I say, my child is leaving for Iraq today.
He asks me for solace, comfort and love,
I ask for strength and courage from my Father above,
for he's going to a dangerous place and tells me Mom, I'm scared.
I tell him god is watching your backside, son and you two will always be paired.
I tell him I'm praying for him constantly, but then he says, Mom, pray for us all,
So tonight when I bow my head, my promise to my hero, upon God, I will call.

He's my hero, but he's my baby, too.
Taking his life into his hands while protecting me and you.
Those who think we shouldn't be there, I've got this to say to you:
He's a hero, and though you don't deserve it, he will fight and might die for you.

I've never been a letter-writer, but a new task I partake.
To be sure my soldier boy knows he is remembered, no mistake.
I'll remind him that our hearts are with him, every minute, every day.
Locked inside my heart is his mind, body, soul and right there he will stay.

He's my hero, but he's my baby, too.
Taking his life into his hands while protecting me and you.
He needs to know we will all remember just why he is there.
To lift all our soldiers to our Lord in heaven, for His great abundant care.

Jesus said greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
So my sons military heart in service to his country he did lend.
What can I possibly give my soldier, in return for what he's given me?
In the beginning I gave him life, but in the end he makes me free.

Some mothers won't get to welcome home their soldier boys,
Just a flag-draped coffin, lots of tears, but not from tears of joy.
We must not forget to pray for their helpless broken hearts.
For the pain of final separation when their precious one departs.

Christian is a man, a soldier, and my beloved son.
With military expertise and God's guiding hand, he will find this war is won.
So Lord God, I plead for thee to keep my soldier safe, healthy and strong,
and let him come home, he and his buddies, when their work is finally done.

~By Carol Hill~

Make It Better
"Mommy does Daddy love me?"
A little girl asks.
"Of course he does honey"
"Then why hasn't he come back?"

The mother looks down
Smiles at her baby girl
Hoping to erase her frown
She picks her up and swirls

Saying... Daddy went to fight
In a place far away
He went to stand for whats right
So lets send our love his way
And write him a letter tonight

Hoping Daddy will be home before long
To hold us safe in his arms
Thats right where we belong
Theres no reason for alarm
Our love is that strong

Out in the battlefield
A man reads a letter
He touches the gun he must weild
And vows silently it will be better

He will be home before long
To hold them in his arms
Thats right where they belong
There will be no reason for alarm
The love they have is that strong.

~By Chrystal Fletcher~

A Soldiers Tale
They signed up to serve,
Some not getting what they bargained for.
All of them scared
To be called to war.

They fight for our country,
The give us freedom and rights,
They are constantly putting
Their lives on the line.

They are tired and weary,
Looking over their shoulders all the time.
Sometimes too scared to relax enough
To get some much needed rest at night

How long is it going to take
To bring our soldiers home?
It makes you wonder,
Will we ever know?

They have families that miss them
Every minute of the day,
This certainly isn?
Even close to being worth the pay.

They are brothers and sisters,
Husbands and wives,
They would all give anything
To tuck there kids in at night.

~Copyright...Kristi WIlkinson 2007~

I've often heard people say that "We Will Never Forget"
Well, I am here to remind my friends of your horrific accident
It was only a year ago you met your tragic fate,
By a spineless man that's driven by a monumental hate.
The coward has hit us once again, and he struck a mighty blow,
He snatched away our security when he hit our lady low.
Oh, we gasped again in horror and he shook us to our core,
But he stirred a resting giant and the world will hear us roar.
I've often heard people say that "Freedom Is Not Free"
Well, I just want to Thank You for preserving it for me.
I promise you with all my heart, from the bottom of my soul.
That this American will never forget The Ship We Call The Cole.

~By JANICE LIGON - 10/11/01~

As Long As They Survive
We Must Honour All Our Brave Troops
Who Serve So Far Away
The Hero's Fighting In Iraq
To Keep Terrorist's At Bay

They Make The World A Safer Place For People Everywhere
So That We Can All Walk Tall And Taste The Freedom Air
Our Soldier's In The War Zone Make Us Feel So Proud
Let's Honour Every One Of Them And Sing Their Praises Loud

We Ask God To Bless Them And Bring Them Back Alive
To Reunite Them With Loved Ones It's Important They Survive
But What About The Hero's So Many That Have Died
The Honoured Ground Of Arlington Is Now Where They Reside

That Peaceful Place In Washington Where Stand The Graceful Trees
And Flowers That Grow For Miles Around Sway Gently In The Breeze
For Those Who Are Still Serving In That War Zone Overseas
Let's Pray To Keep Them Safe From Harm And Bring Them Home Soon Please

~By J.M.Keogh 5th/10th/07~

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